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Rancho Cucamonga Child Custody Lawyer

One of the most emotionally charged areas of family law is in determining custody agreements. Parents attempting to determine who will have physical and legal custody of their child can be stressful and tough - causing one of the most contested areas of divorces. For this reason, it is recommended that should you be entering into a divorce or otherwise facing a custody battle that you do not hesitate to get the involvement of an experienced Rancho Cucamonga family law attorney to help determine the best course of action.

Custody Agreements: Looking Out for the Child's Best Interests

When creating custody agreements, California courts are always looking out for what is deemed to the best interests of the child. The negative impact that a child experiences during a divorce is nothing short of traumatic and it is the goal of the courts to create an agreement that will lessen this negative impact - hoping to create a solution that suits the parents, but above all, keeps the child's well-being in mind. For this reason, joint custody is often valued above all else as it allows for both parents to have constant interaction with their child - and it allows for fair visitation plans to be created should one parent gain custodial powers. In the instance where parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding custody, courts will often step in to determine it for themselves. In these cases, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  • The child's health and overall safety;
  • History of domestic violence; and
  • History of alcohol and / or substance abuse;

Depending on the age of the child, the courts will also consider their preferences - taking into consideration their previously established relationships with both parents. By looking at the mental and physical health of both parent and child, their relationships and even the ability of the parents to provide a safe and nourishing environment, courts are able to take a comprehensive approach to determining this vital plan.

Importance of Hiring a Rancho Cucamonga Custody Attorney

When custody is on the line, you simply cannot afford to work with an inexperienced attorney. You need to be confident that you are working with someone who has your best interests at line - someone who will go the distance in their efforts to provide you with high-quality and caring guidance. This is exactly what you can expect should you choose to work with our legal team at Cho, Sheasby, Chung & Ignacio, LLP. We know how daunting it can be to enter into a custody battle and we are prepared to go the distance for you.

To learn more about what can be done, please contact a Rancho Cucamonga child custody attorney from our legal team as soon as you can.

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